STI Group operates a repair service with many specialized processes for the very cost-efficient repair of components covering everything from patching up small faults through to recoating components in order to enhance their service life. 

Dimensional correction

If the tolerance of components is not achieved due to faulty production, STI Group uses dimensional correction to address the problem. Likewise, worn components can be stripped mechanically or chemically, recoated to the required dimension and completed with a grinding finish if required.


Damaged and worn layers are removed and re-applied, thus fully re-establishing the function of the component. 


STI Group has developed a range of processes such as pen repair, welding, dabbing, spot chromium plating and nickel underlay in order to avoid costly re-coating of components when the coating has minor faults or blemishes. 

Homogenizing base materials – pores, cavities and blemishes

Defective areas in the base material of a component make surface coating more difficult; they are also often responsible for poor performance of the component. STI Group offers special processes for sealing off such defective areas.

STI Mobile Repair Service