STI Group offers state-of-the-art infrastructure, a highly motivated workforce with many years of experience as well as galvanic (WetCoat system) and plasma-based (DryCoat system) coating processes that have been specially developed for the automotive industry. The company offers in-depth technical advice and project-oriented research and development, both for special applications and for functional surfaces of serial production parts. STI Group's automotive experts advise their customers from the first thought model through to SOP and EOP, seven days a week.


The automotive industry is focused on reducing carbon dioxide emissions. With its STI DryCoat and WetCoat systems, STI Group offers numerous established methods to help with the associated challenges. STI Group knows that each system suits a specific briefing specification:  from the production processes of the respective components through to the requirements in service. These technical coatings are exposed to heavy duty service. For this reason, it is imperative that the processes are cost-effective and deliver maximum performance – both for small and large production series.  As a full service provider, STI Group offers innovative solutions, day after day. 


STI Group's portfolio covers a wide range: from suitable surface coating of deep-drawing tools for entire vehicle side panels through to specifically applied special coating of heavy duty cutting tool inserts. All this is backed up by excellent service:  for many years the Group's staff has been making sure that their customers presses will only stand still when this is required for re-tooling or maintenance work. Likewise, the associated planning and logistics are expertly handled by the STI Group, including at weekends, naturally.


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