The highest precision and quality without compromise

We offer individual total solutions for your success - starting with comprehensive analysis and advice, through development, case study, experimental galvanic processes, up to the actual finishing, grinding, polishing and final quality control. The result is a surface of the highest quality with reproducible coating properties.

Through surface finishing, we optimise components so that they meet the highest economic and functional requirements. These requirements are different for every surface, but are always precisely defined in detail. That is why we specify them down to the smallest detail, analyse the complex interplay of countless factors and control every single parameter.

Thanks to permanent controls and state-of-the-art coordinate measuring technology, STI guarantees surfaces of the highest quality and precision. This enables us to coat the most complex-shaped components with a diameter of up to 6.5 m, a length of up to 27 m and a weight of up to 64 tonnes, to grind them to an accuracy of a thousandth and to polish them to a mirror finish. Of course, the highest precision is guaranteed even for such complex parts.

This precision is based on research, experience, technological know-how and a state-of-the-art infrastructure. The specially developed, process-oriented Hartchrom Management System (HMS) defines the highest standards for quality control, environmental protection and safety: standards that apply to all STI subsidiaries and partners.

Our attention is always on every detail. High quality standards and environmental responsibility are fundamental prerequisites of the Group. The diverse certifications at the STI Group sites bear witness to this.

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