Whether for cruise ships, stationary diesel or gas power plants, container ships or tankers: maximum service life, the highest possible economic efficiency and unconditional availability are essential factors of success. Leading manufacturers of main engines, diesel generators and auxiliary diesel engines worldwide rely on the functional surface solutions of STI Group when highest requirements must be met precisely and short reaction times are a must.

The service range includes the hard chrome surfacing and grinding of piston ring grooves, of new and worn piston crowns of 2- and 4-stroke engines and the coating of piston rings, piston skirts, cylinder liners, cylinder heads, crank shafts, valves and other components. These components are surface treated by STI Group for use in ship diesel engines, diesel power stations, gas engines or heavy fuel oil engines (HFO) and dual fuel engines (DF).

Specifically developed STI coating systems give piston tops, rings, skirts and rods, cylinder liners, turbine rotors, crankshafts, valves and other transmission components and engine components the required precision and wear and corrosion resistance.

The STI Group's research and development department, engineers and process specialists develop individual customer solutions such as surfaces with defined topography, tribological properties and lubricating capacity.


STI Group's innovative coating system for grooves in piston crowns and for piston rings of 2- and 4-stroke diesel and gas engines combines excellent wear protection with corrosion protection properties and good lubrication. It is suitable for processing new components as well as for the overhaul of already coated or uncoated components. 


STI Group partners with all leading engine and component manufacturers in the quest to comply with the latest IMO tier III requirements. The changes introduced by IMO tier III affect the basic materials used for components. In addition, the new requirements demand higher wear and corrosion protection, and a longer service life of components.  STI Group takes a leading role in the development and implementation of new coating systems for its customers.


On request, STI Group offers its Marine & Powertrain customers the STI Express Service for particularly urgent orders. For example, STI Group is able to undertake the overhaul of 4-stroke piston crowns for 6 to 16 cylinders within seven to ten days. This is particularly useful when engines are overhauled while in dry dock, or for the overhaul of power station engines.


STI Group is the first surface technology company to have obtained certification of its piston processing center in accordance with the internationally recognised German Lloyd standards. STI Group has achieved certification of its production chain on the basis of its clear, efficient and reliable processes, from initial testing through to quality control and delivery. The modern infrastructure and short throughput times make it possible for the company's customer service to be flexible and reliable. 

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