Worldwide, STI Group is leading the market in functional coatings for the printing machine industry. It has been able to maintain this position thanks to ongoing development of new technologies and successfully adapting to the specific requirements of the printing machine industry. 

STI Group specializes in the surface treatment of components such as printing, rubber sheet, printing plate or lacquer application cylinders. Dimensional tolerances in the micron range, as well as impeccable cylinder surfaces, ensure top printing quality. As these cylinders are exposed to aggressive fluids such as printing ink and cleansing agents, it is imperative that they are extremely resistant to corrosion. The specifically optimized hard chrome layers, thermal spray coatings as well as galvanic and electroless nickel coating offer maximum corrosion resistance and - on cast material - absolute absence of pores. Mechanical finishing is carried out with CNC-controlled precision rotary grinding machines.

Surface Treatments

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