Optimized functional properties, top quality and reproducibility: these are the characteristics of free-form surfaces refined by STI Group. With a sophisticated method of setting primary and secondary anodes, a lot of experience and know-how, STI specialists achieve an even distribution of the layer and the specified dimensional and form precision. In addition to technical knowledge, it is also important to understand the application for which the component would be used. For repeat orders, the equipment is put into storage. This ensures that customers receive consistent quality as well as commercially attractive terms.

Components for food filling industry

  • Hopper
  • Bent machine feeds
  • Cone nozzles and nozzle mouthpieces
  • Slot nozzles
  • Mould plates, mould cores and mould inserts
  • Valve balls

Typical components

  • Chromium plated mold cores of injection molding tools
  • Spherical caps for bridge bearings and ball calottes
  • Feed devices for automatic assembly machines


Tools / molds

  • Worm shafts
  • Reflectors
  • Sonotrodes
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