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The STI Mobile Repair Service offers reliable reconditioning work for wear-resistant coatings on surfaces on short notice all over the world . Hard chrome-plated or thermally sprayed carbide coatings have been proven to be an effective solution to minimise wear and corrosion on large components in numerous applications, yet the failure of coated components can lead to extended downtime and incur significant costs.

However, fast reliable, on-site repairs can reduce these expenses substantially compared to recoating or replacement. This is where the STI Mobile Repair Service comes in. Unlike standard repair processes, the damaged area on the coated surface is repaired with just a single application of hard, wear-resistant plating that offers an identical level of functionality to that of the original coating.

We have built up extensive expertise in this technology thanks to many years of practical experience. Combined with our proprietary mobile equipment, this allows STI to restore coatings with the most demanding quality requirements, including high-gloss surfaces with homogeneous functional properties. The process conforms with all relevant environmental regulations.

Your advantages:

  • On-site repair
  • Fast response times
  • Reduced downtimes
  • Reduced scrap rate
  • Repair components without dismantling
  • No need to transport large components
  • etc.

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Analasys of the damage

Checking after repair