The requirements for technical and economical surface coatings are constantly increasing. Characteristics such as wear, corrosion or temperature resistance provide your components with the necessary functionality. Tailored to your application, high-quality coated surfaces withstand your production process and subsequent use.

Over the years, STI Group has developed a unique, broad and flexible range of technologies, infrastructures, know-how and services to increase the efficiency, functionality and results of industrial manufacturing processes with the help of precisely specified surface solutions.

We offer individual total solutions for your success - starting with comprehensive analysis and advice, through development, case study, trial electroplating, to the actual finishing, grinding, polishing and final quality control. The result is a surface of the highest quality with reproducible coating properties.

Whether small, medium-sized or large components, rotationally symmetrical workpieces or components with a free-form geometry, individual parts or series: STI Group has the infrastructures and specialised know-how to finish them reproducibly using the latest technology. 

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