Our customers appreciate the in-depth technical and commercial advice provided by our sales team.
Silvia Grob
Internal Sales Manager
Silvia Grob

Mission Statement

STI Group is the market and technology leader in selected segments of functional surface coating. To achieve this STI develops tailored comprehensive solutions and thereby contributes to its customer's success. We aim to be the No. 1 partner for our customers! 


To this end, we continually invest in the training of our workforce in order to drive the company's innovative strength at the highest level.

Customers / Market

Understanding the customer and acting accordingly: that is one of the most important key elements of our mission statement. We have therefore defined four key points in relation to Customers/market:

  • We use our competence and resources in order to continually increase customer satisfaction
  • We find out the requirements of our customers and of the industry as a prerequisite of successful action and for the alignment and application of our technologies
  • We endeavor to forge long-term partnerships with customers
  • Our market-oriented development work in cooperation with our partners ensures success for both parties

There can be no success without a motivated team. With regard to our employees we focus on five key elements:

  • We consider our staff as the most important foundation for success
  • We appreciate and support the qualification and continuous training of our employees
  • We promote teamwork
  • We place great emphasis on communication as an important component of management at all levels
  • We lead and coach with modern methods
Health, safety, environment (HSE)

In addition to concern for the environment, health and safety are a top priority for all members of staff. We have defined five HSE pillars:

  • We are aware of our responsibility towards our natural and social environment. This covers all levels - from our company premises to the wider global aspects.
  • We undertake to comply with all legal obligations regarding health, safety and the environment. We consider these to be minimum requirements. In addition, we aim to keep the environmental pollution resulting from our activities and products as low as possible.
  • We regularly collect data on health, safety and environmental protection. These are used for defining suitable targets and actions to continuously improve our performance. We regularly assess any remaining risks.
  • We regularly record and assess our material flows for the purpose of integrated resource management. Based on these data, we take action in order to increase the material efficiency and recycling rate, and to reduce the volume of waste production and energy consumption. The disposal of waste is managed in accordance with a waste disposal concept.
  • We demand that our contract partners apply our standards in terms of health, safety and environmental protection along the entire supply and disposal chain, and will provide appropriate support.