Our highly qualified workforce and over 55 years of experience guarantee top quality and precision.
Salvatore Villani
Supervisor quality control large parts
Salvatore Villani


Over the years, STI Group has developed a unique, wide and flexible range of technologies, infrastructures, know-how and services in order to increase the cost-effectiveness, functionality and output of industrial manufacturing processes with the help of precisely specified surface solutions. To achieve that, the Group processes components so that they have the necessary and suitable functional properties.

STI Group offers a comprehensive service - from advice by our Technical Sales staff and detailed specification of the coating properties by R&D, through to mechanical processing and coating of components, and to final quality control and support with logistics issues.

Developing solutions for customers

STI Group develops comprehensive customized solutions for our customers in a wide range of industries. 


Technological breadth

As a complete service provider, STI Group offers a wide range of technologies, specializing in galvanic, thermal and DryCoat coating processes. anodizing coating processes, mechanical processing and various special processes.


Research & Development

In support of its high-performance and individually optimized surface solutions, STI Group carries out systematic research and development. 


Quality, environment and safety

STI coatings stand for precision, functionality and quality, as well as safety and environmental protec-tion. This is borne out by certification under ISO 9001 and 14001 (Switzerland, Germany), GL, GTS (Switzerland), ISO 9001, EN 9100 or NADCAP (France) as well as numerous customer audits.


S to XXL

For small, medium and large components, STI Group is the right partner. Because of the company's modern and versatile infrastructure, which is designed for components of very varied sizes and requirement profiles, customers worldwide opt for cooperation with STI Group. 


Complex geometries

One of STI Group's core competencies is the coating of complex component geometries. Components with free-form surfaces are processed by STI Group to optimize their properties while achieving top quality and reproducibility.


Series and component parts

One of STI Group's specialisms is the processing of customized surfaces, both for component parts and series.