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Silvia Grob
Internal Sales Manager
Silvia Grob

The company

STI Group is one of the technology and market leaders in functional surface technology. Its indepth know-how and great innovative strength make STI Group the preferred surface solutions partner for industry worldwide. The company's modern infrastructure is designed for serial production and specializations such as highly complex components and component parts, including those of very large dimension. Leading customers in the automotive and engine building sectors, the paper, printing, film, foil, textile, energy generation, food, aviation and shipping industries, as well as general plant con-struction and defense technology count on STI Group's competence in delivering solutions.   

Broad range of processes

STI Group is a complete service provider and offers a wide range of technologies, including the following coating processes: hard chrome, galvanizing und electroless nickel coating, thermal coating, dry coating (plasma-nitriding, PVD, PACVD) and polishing. In addition, the company offers mechanical processing such as grinding, blasting, polishing, turning, drilling and milling. 


Experience since 1957

The surface treatment group was formed in 1957 and grew out of the traditional Swiss company, Hartchrom AG from Steinach am Bodensee. With its workforce of 700, seven production facilities and various representatives, the STI Group is represented worldwide.

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