In our R&D laboratory we are continuously improving the performance, cost-effectiveness and environmental compatibility of our surface solutions.
André Dreyer
Research and Developement
André Dreyer

Hard Chrome

The hard chrome coating process is used to achieve layers of extreme hardness, excellent wear and corrosion resistence, outstanding adhesive strength and homogeneity. The components are exposed to very low temperatures so that they are not subject to distortion. This makes it possible to use favorable base materials for higher mechanical duties. Hard chrome layers are eminently suitable for grinding and polishing, achieving high-gloss surfaces with Rmax smaller than 0.1 μm (0.05 μm on request). With variations in surface topography and material structure as well as different combinations of materials, it is possible to further modify the performance characteristics to cater for different types of functions. 

Hartchrom Teikuro process for the automotive industry

Punching and pressing tools are finished with a special hard chrome layer which is relatively thin (approx. 15 to 55 μm) and has extremely low friction characteristics.

Hard chrome coating of CFRP/GRP base materials

STI Group has facilities for the galvanic coating of CFRP and GRP base materials. These finishes are used to enhance CFRP/GRP components so that they acquire hard chrome properties, particularly gloss, roughness, release behavior and geometric precision.  

Nanochrome for industrial applications

The nanochrome coating system combines properties such as the hardness, wear and corrosion resistence of hard chrome with tailored functionalities based on nano technology. 

Structural chrome - adjustable for specific customers

Surfaces with a hard chrome finish have outstanding corrosion and wear characteristics but can also be further enhanced to include specific functional properties to customer requirements.