In our R&D laboratory we are continuously improving the performance, cost-effectiveness and environmental compatibility of our surface solutions.
André Dreyer
Research and Developement
André Dreyer

Electroless nickel coatings (nickel phosphor alloy coatings)

Electroless nickel coatings make it possible to apply surface coating to components with complex geometries and maintain the contours and correct dimensions. In contrast to electrolytic processes, electroless nickel coating is the result of auto-catalytic precipitation (without external electricity).

This means that even very complex geometries achieve a very good and homogenous distribution of the coating layer. In addition, the X-ray amorphous layers have excellent ductility and have the benefit of extremely high corrosion resistence.

Suitable for applications in the food and pharmaceutical industries

Depending on the phosphor content included (2 to 4% or 10.5 to 12 %) electroless nickel layers achieve hardnesses of 450 HV 0.1 to 750 HV 0.1. With suitable tempering, the hardness can be increased to up to 1000 HV0.1 and, in addition, the wear resistence can be improved by a factor of about 3 compared to abrasive wear.

Further advantageous properties of electroless nickel coating are the fact that it can easily be soldered and is highly suitable for applications in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Furthermore, these layers are not magnetic due to the high phosphor content (10.5 to 12 %).

Electroless nickel coating supplied by STI Group meets the requirements of EN ISO 4527, of RAL-RG 660 as well as those of Mil-C-26074 B and AMS 2404 B.