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Silvia Grob
Internal Sales Manager
Silvia Grob

Series and one-offs

STI Group controls each process parameter both for serial production and one-off part processing. This results in top quality and precision. Continuous monitoring of the coating parameters and traceable, recorded process steps guarantee the consistently high reproducible quality and compliance with the specified coating. 

Serial production – for maximum cost-effectiveness and reproducibility

Short throughput times and maximum cost-effectiveness for large series are achieved with several computer controlled production lines for chromium plating and a fully automatic electroless nickel coating plant, which is one of the largest and most up-to-date plants in Europe. STI Group controls each individual process parameter and thus achieves top quality and precision - even for highly complex component geometries. Typical components processed in series: components of the printing, automotive and aviation industries. All processes offered by STI Group are suitable for serial production. 

Processing one-off parts – for individual and flexible solutions

STI Group's expertise and knowledge of a range of different industries, and its flexible infrastructure, allow the company to offer cost-effective solutions for one-off contracts. Continuous monitoring of coating parameters and traceable recorded process steps guarantee the consistently high and reproduceable quality and compliance with the specified coating. The firm's competence in one-off part processing is in demand from a number of different companies; STI Group is particularly in demand for prototype construction. One-off part processing is available at all locations.