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Welcome to STI Group Switzerland

The STI Group is known for its innovative, high-quality surface solutions for industrial companies with sophisticated requirements. Its excellent infrastructure, specialized expertise and strong innovative drive make STI Group the preferred surface finishing partner worldwide.


STI Group concentrates all aspects of its expertise at the Center of Excellence at Steinach (Switzerland) including Defense Technology, Film & Foil, General Industries, Marine & Powertrain, Paper, Power Generation and Print. The Swiss Center is the primary port of call for all questions revolving around surface technology.

  • In-house R&D laboratory for the development of new surface solutions and precise quality records using micrography and crack testing etc.
  • Automated continuous chrome plating for cost-effective coating of profiled and smooth shafts of up to 12 meters in length to customer specifications.
  • STI Express Service, Marine & Powertrain – 24/7 
  • Mobile Repair Service for repairs on site – worldwide. 
  • Certified to ISO 9001 and 14001, German Lloyd.
Defense Technology

The Defense Technology Department is a supplier of interior chrome plating of different sized barrels for NATO member states. STI Defense Technology maintains this high quality standard with its expertise in hard chrome plating which meets the strictest requirements regarding adhesive strength, durability, corrosion protection, thermal protection and precision. This quality is further underpinned by the company's excellent research and development activities at the Swiss facility.

Film & Foil

In the film & foil industry, strictest form precision and surface quality are important factors for success. The Film & Foil Department carries out the surface treatment of heating, cooling and forging rolls complying with the very strict requirements for quality, corrosion resistence and anti-adhesion properties. In addition, a process for high-gloss polished paper and foil rolls has been developed in Steinach (Switzerland) which can produce high-gloss mirror surfaces with Rmax < 0.1μm (Rmax < 0.05 μm).

General Industries

STI Group provides surface treatment for a wide range of components to meet the strictest requirements. The Group offers a comprehensive choice of galvanic and mechanical processes as well as numerous application specific surface solutions to meet the different requirements of the various industries. 

Marine & Powertrain

In its modern, 2,000 m² large processing center in Steinach (Switzerland) the company carries out coating and grinding of piston ring grooves of new or worn piston crowns as well as surface coating to piston rings, piston skirts, cylinder liners, crank shafts, valves and other components. For its customers in the shipping industry, the Marine & Powertrain Department has also developed a dedicated coating system for the grooves of piston crowns and the associated piston rings of large diesel engines. And thanks to the STI Express Service, Marine & Powertrain – 24/7, these components can be turned around very quickly.


Together with the Center of Excellence Germany, the Swiss Center is an unrivalled partner for customers in the paper industry. This is thanks to its innovative technology for screen baskets, metering rods and cylinders or calender rolls. With its new processes and equipment, such as the computer-controlled chrome plating technology for metering rods up to a length of 12 meters, STI Group sets new quality standards for process development throughout the industry. Key to the innovation is an automated continuous chrome plating plant specially developed for metering rods which comply with the precise requirements of the complex physical process parameters. Thicker layers and much increased hardness result in maximum wear resistance and service life, as well as minimized downtime.

Power Generation

STI Group offers surface solutions that are precisely matched to components used in power generation such as pistons, turbine shafts and guide vanes for hydroelectric power stations. The facility at Steinach (Switzerland) has a unique infrastructure which can handle components with diameters of up to 6 meters, lengths of up to 27 meters and weights of up to 64 tonnes. Both rotation-symmetric parts and parts with complex geometries with dimensions of up to 4.5 meter diameter can be coated, ground to micron precision and polished to a mirror-gloss finish. Quality and precision are always guaranteed.


At Steinach (Switzerland), STI Group adjusts and develops its processes to the needs of the printing machine industry. Applications include the surface coating of printing plates, rubber plates, plate cylinders and lacquer printing cylinders. To make parts extremely corrosion resistent, STI Group has also developed a system of optimized hard chrome layers and a CNC grinding process which provides maximum corrosion protection and absolute freedom from pores. On that basis, STI Group is successfully defending its worldwide leading position.

Surface treatment
  • Galvanic processes (hard chrome, galvanic nickel plating)
  • Thermal coating processes (HVOF)
  • Wet paint coating
  • Mechanical processes (grinding, polishing, turning, milling, drilling, blasting)