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STI DryCoat system and WetCoat system under one roof: this is what the Center of Excellence Germany can offer from its facility at Sternenfels-Diefenbach. The company is the preferred partner for specific technical surface applications in the automotive, paper and print, and general industries. With its infrastructure, the German facility is able to process individual pieces of extremely large dimensions as well as automated serial production with JIT logistics. 

  • One of the largest automated electroless nickel coating plants in Europe
  • 24/7 service and JIT service
  • Production line for chrome plating and electropolishing screen baskets
  • Hartchrom Teikuro process for forming tools used in the automotive industry



Surface treatment
  • Galvanic processes: hard chrome,  electroless nickel
  • STI DryCoat system
  • Mechanical processes: grinding, polishing, blasting




The company carries out surface coating of deep drawing, punching and forming tools needed for the production of body components and structural parts for nearly all automobile manufacturers with facilities in Europe. The finished quality and service life meet the extremely exacting requirements of premium German manufacturers. An example is the "Teikuro process" which is used by STI Group to offer hard chrome surface treatment of workpieces with a weight of up to 20 tonnes.

For large series in the automotive industry, the company maintains WetCoat production lines, e.g. a fully automatic electroless nickel coating plant, which is one of the most flexible and modern lines in Europe. In addition to these WetCoat processes, the company offers the STI DryCoat system which is based on state-of-the-art plasma technology (plasma-nitriding, PVD, PACVD), which makes STI Group the preferred partner for new developments.

General Industries

Customers from all over Europe appreciate the flexibility and cost-effectiveness offered by the Center of Excellence with its surface treatment processes. The state-of-the-art coating plants have been laid out for medium sized serial production and one-off part requirements. Working from a production area of over 38,000m², STI Group Germany is equipped to carry out surface coating and processing on components with 1.20 m diameter and 5 m length. But technical surface treatment is not all the company offers. Precision grinding, mechanical preparation and finishing as well as transport and logistics services are also part of the comprehensive service offered by STI Group.


With regard to technical coating processes, the paper industry has very special requirements which are met by STI Group Germany with specially designed plant and special processes. For example, combined electropolishing and chromium plating processes are available for screen baskets and screen trays ensuring maximum wear and impact resistence as well as precisely defined slot widths or hole diameters. This results in impeccable sorting properties and maximum service life which together with STI Group's comprehensive service package are decisive advantages for the Group's demanding customers.


Together with the Center of Excellence Swizerland, the German facility is a worldwide leader in the printing machine industry. They have achieved this position thanks to the development of new technologies and by successfully adapting their processes to the specific needs of the printing machine industry.