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With its facilities in Arudy, Oloron-Escout, Saint Martin de Seignanx and Pau, the Center of Excellence France is ideally placed to meet the requirements of the aviation industry. 

In the field of aviation, it has secured a strong position in the supply industry. At its French facilities, STI Group offers a wide range of services for the surface treatment of many aircraft components including a process that is free of chromic acid and which has been approved by Airbus. The surfaces of the aircraft components are subject to strict control and certification procedures under the aviation industry's standards as well as in compliance with state authority regulations.

  • NADCAP certification
  • Many end-customer certifications
  • On-time delivery, flexibility and reliability


Processes available for the aviation industry include hard chrome surfacing, cadmium plating, galvanizing, nickel plating (sulfamate), polishing and passivating of stainless steel as well as burnishing, Rilsan coating, manganese phosphating, silver plating, chromating (alodine 1200) and tin plating. In addition, the company offers supporting services such as stress relieving and degassing, grinding, paint coating, nital etching, magnetic powder and penetrant testing S2-S4/P3-W2 as well as salt spray testing. These additional servies are offered to the same high degree of quality, reliability and on-time delivery.

Surface treatment
  • Galvanic processes: hard chrome, galvanic nickel plating
  • Anodizing processes: TSA, OAS
  • Wet paint coating
  • Mechanical processes: grinding, polishing, turning, milling, drilling, blasting
  • Special processes: decontamination, cadmium plating, silver plating, galvanizing, burnishing, Rilsan coating, chromating, manganese phosphating, passivating and polishing