For many years, paper machine manufacturers all over the world have been counting on the unique infrastructure and leading technological competence of STI Group. The Group has been developing surface treatment technologies over a long period of time which meet top commercial performance requirements for high-quality components such as pistons, screen baskets, calender rolls and rods. This is aimed at greater corrosion resistance, outstanding anti-adhesion properties and greater resistance against the effects of temperature and mechanical wear. The result is that production plants are available for longer while at the same time the life-cycle costs are reduced. On request, STI Group offers its «STI Express Service».

Screen basket production line

STI Group's screen basket production line combines high-end electropolishing and chromium plating processes. The process thereby meets top functional and cost-efficiency requirements. The inflow and outflow screen baskets and screen trays with STI Group's surface treatment are characterized by their maximum resistance to wear and impact, precisely defined slot width or holes, as well as impeccable sorting properties. The defined minimum thicknesses and individually specified tolerances are exactly maintained and manufactured in reproducible quality.

Continuous chromium plating for metering rods

STI Group offers an innovative continuous process for the production of metering rods as precision instruments with a long service life. In this computer-controlled chromium plating plant, profiled and smooth rods of up to 12 m long are surface-treated individually and to individual parameters. Their thicker coating layers and significantly greater hardness result in maximum wear resistance, maximum service life and minimum downtimes. The computer-controlled continuous chromium plating technology by STI Group is the benchmark for all rods made by Horst Sprenger GmbH (market leader for paper industry metering systems).

Contour ground high-gloss mirror surfaces for the production of high-gloss paper

Contour ground high-gloss mirror surfaces with a surface quality of Rmax < 0.1  are one of STI Group's specialities. High-gloss mirror surfaces are needed for the production of high-gloss paper – and are characterized in particular by good release behavior and outstanding temperature and wear resistance.