As a total service provider, STI Group reliably processes highly complex components for the aviation industry. The surfaces of aircraft components are produced in accordance with the strict standards of the aviation industry and state authorities.


Thanks to many years of experience, specifically developed technologies and its comprehensive range of materials and processes, STI Group has achieved the leading market position in France and has become an irreplaceable partner in this demanding business area. Over 100 aviation industry certificates are indicative of top quality and reliability. Since 2011, STI Group has also been certified under the National Aerospace and Defence Contractors Accreditation Program (NADCAP).

TSA and sulphuric acid anodizing

STI Group's technology covers a wide range of different materials and is aligned with the needs of the strategic aeronautics business sector. It comprises processes such as hard chrome and cadmium plating, galvanizing, nickel plating, polishing and passivating of stainless steel, as well as burnishing, Rilsan coating, manganese phosphating, silver plating, chromating (alodine 1200) and tin plating. STI Group also offers the new TSA anodizing process - which is free from chromic acid and has been approved by Airbus - and sulphuric acid anodizing. TSA and sulphuric acid anodizing are processes which have been optimized for aluminum components and ensure outstanding corrosion resistance in combination with very good environmental compatibility.

Additional services

In addition, STI Group offers a wide range of supporting services such as stress relief and degassing, grinding, lacquering, Nital etching magnetic particle and penetrant testing S2-S4/P3-W2 and salt-spray tests. Since 2011 STI Group has also been offering a cleaning service for engines and turbine components with a guaranteed "decontamination" degree of purity. Naturally these additional services are also guaranteed to comply with top quality and reliability requirements and are delivered on time.